The good and evil in project management

Fedor Golikov, Head of PMO (Project Management Office) unit presented the approach to learning the project management to the project team members, specialists of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation Office divisions

The good and evil in project management

Fedor Golikov became the head of the division of Transformation Program Office that is responsible for managing the portfolio of projects in accordance with the Fund's Methodology. He is the expert, consultant, project management trainer with experience in managing projects at the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Eurasian Group” LLP and other Kazakhstani and international companies.

The main message of the first seminar held by Fedor Golikov is how to become more efficient, bring “good”, and benefit to the project management. If the project management trend is a kind of know-how for Kazakhstan, then in the world practice it has existed since the 50-ies. Perfection in project management is success of a company. This means constant improvement, control, measurement, standardization. This pillar is now clear to Kazakhstan, and almost all state agencies and national companies have had project offices over the past few years.

"Project management is vital because of the risky nature of business processes. It allows moving confidently into the future. Therefore, the general world tendency is to study the processes and improve them. I confidently declare that the whole world embraced the project management” noted Fedor Golikov.

Fedor Golikov used the success of the General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan as an example in terms of implementing the "Strategy for Change". Impressive results were achieved owing to the teamwork of project participants and following the methodology of project management. The seminar participants asked questions about how to overcome resistance when implementing changes as well as factors of successful project implementation.

"There always be a resistance. This is a normal reaction of a healthy person. Awareness of the need for change and the development of competencies are some of the indicators of successful project management" - the head of the PMO replied.

Fedor Golikov drew his listeners’ attention to the fact that Transformation Program is a very significant event in Kazakhstan and to be involved in changes - gives us the honor to accomplish the mission. We have to be interested in it and should have desire to move towards changes and improve our lives.

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