Teambuilding for “Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation team was held on June 22

Together people can accomplish deeds that a person cannot do alone; unity of minds and hands

"Together people can accomplish deeds that a person cannot do alone; unity of minds and hands, concentrating their forces can become almost all-powerful.” American statesman Daniel Webster.

 Teambuilding for “Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation team was held on June 22. The theme of the meeting: «How I got cold and burned in Antarctica! Effective teamwork is the main condition for successful operation «Corporate event began with watching a fascinating short movie called "108 hours", filmed in Antarctica. “Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation team member is one of the expedition members today.  The film was shot during the first Kazakhstan expedition to the South Pole in 2011. Having overcome with three cars 2 400 kilometers of the Antarctic snow, wind, cold and ice, the team conquered the South Pole on 14 December 2011. Along the way from the coast of Antarctica to the heart of the continent, video cameras accompanied Kazakhstan travelers, fixing all the difficulties and troubles of a difficult route, and the difficulties were more than enough. Snow storms, flat tires, iced cameras. Even the most prepared technique fails when it is minus 50 outside.  This achievement has even entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world record in speed and complexity of passing. For the first time a person moved by car from "Novo" airfield on the shore of the continent, reached the South Pole in a record 108 hours.

This film was the preamble of the event, which demonstrated how important the teamwork is, and that overall result depends on well-coordinated actions. "One person in the battlefield is not a warrior" - this saying is important not only in battle, but in a business where today the efficiency of any employee depends on how he can and willing to work and build relationships in the team.

In addition, participants of the event were able to get acquainted with their colleagues, to communicate in an informal atmosphere. This event, undoubtedly, brought employees closer together as a team and filled with a positive energy.


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