Ready for changes

"Almaty Power Plants" JSC will become the starting point for implementation of Transformation project for introduction of target base processes, where SAP will be implemented.

Ready for changes

The project is replicated at Samruk-Energy and SA (ESDPP-1, MHPP and SHHPP) in the second wave mode.

This decision was approved at the past meeting of Steering committee of the holding company. The Transformation Project was launched last year at the head office (HO) and Ekibastuz SDPP-1. One of the reasons for the restart of the project is the breaking of the contract with the supplier who accompanied the project, which did not sufficiently meet its conditions. In addition, the change in the organizational and functional scope of the project.

Organization scope has been revised, the supplier will change soon, today it is already known that the project will be built on the new up-to-date IT platform SAP S / 4 HANA.

"SAP ERP will be removed from technical support after 2025. In addition, in order to avoid the "upgrade" process, we will move to the next generation system - SAP S / 4 HANA. It is more advanced, high-performance, which provides both high-speed transaction processing and work with complex analytical requests, combining the solution of these tasks within a single platform"- explained Gulmira Turubayeva, project manager.

There are scanty project in Kazakhstan, which were implemented on this platform. Samruk-Energy holding company is the first and so far the only one in power industry.

"The results obtained earlier at Ekibastuz SDPP-1 will be used for conceptual engineering at APP in 2019. It will be necessary to update them, since APP has its own distinguishing features, includes various types of electricity generation (HPP, SDPP, CHP and several other production units). However, this is a benefit for us, since this will make it much easier to replicate to further SA" - notes Gulmira Turubayeva.

The project team received a favorable impression of visiting the company and acquaintance with employees.

 "They already have their own transformation. It is aimed at automation, and even if intuitively, but they move smoothly towards this direction, during 3-4 years, not contradicting the project management methodology. Even the methodology and transformation department was created at the company. Preliminary conclusion of the project team - ready for changes.

Anna Zhekenova


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