"Mangistau distribution power grid company" JSC held an annual general meeting for summarizing results of 2015

"MDPGC"JSC held a reporting annual meeting for summing up results of financial and operating activities for 2015 on February 26, 2016

"Mangistau distribution power grid company" JSC held an annual general meeting for summarizing results of 2015

"MDPGC"JSC held a reporting annual meeting for summing up results of financial and operating activities for 2015 on February 26, 2016. Members of the Management Board, heads of key business units as well as head of DPN reported at the meeting.

Sagymbekov Zh.B, Deputy Chairman of the Board for operations – chief engineer in his report told about 2015 results in production activity of the company:

- "Within preparation for repair campaign of 2015, industrial training for engineering and technical staff of production services, which involved 113 persons, was conducted at “MDPGC” JSC.  After training, the employees who completed the training program have been certified and admitted to work. The repair campaign involved 41 teams comprising 191 people. The amount of funds allocated for repair works across  "MDPGC" JSC for 2015 amounted to  455 625,313 thous.tg, including

- the volume of work carried out using own resources made 167 332,0 thous.tenge for 2015,

- the volume of work by contractors amounted to 288 293,313 thous.tenge for 2015.

Additionally, the plan of work of the reporting year included:

- Work on amplification of 35 kV overhead lines Vostochnaya-1,2 and 35 kV overhead lines Tyuesu  in Uzen DPN  at a cost of 33963,262 thousand tenge.

- Replacement of defective storage batteries in seven substations of the Company at a cost of  9mln. tenge;

- carrying out repair works of  RPB-3, buildings of  Aktau DPN under the instruction issued by ESC in the amount of  17415,23 thous.tenge.

Construction and installation works on investment projects in the amount of 282 636 thous.tg:

- Reconstruction of 110/6 kV SS "Akshukur" named after M.Aymagambetov with replacement of OD / KZ to gas-insulated circuit breakers and modernization of 6 kV -SG

- Construction of the repair and production base (RPB) of  Zhetybai DPN

- Replacement of OD/KZ-110 kV to gas-insulated circuit breakers at 110/6 kV SS "PTV", SS-110/35 / 10kV Substation "Fort", SS 35/6 kV "Karyernaya";

- Modernization of 6 kV complete metal-clad switchgear at DP “Zhetybai";

- Reconstruction of equipment of 110 kV OSG at 110/6 kV SS "Prombaza", 110/35 / 6kV SS "East Zhetybai"

Today major investment projects are being implemented, among them:

- Construction of 220 kV transmission line Aktau-Karajanbas with autotransformer 1x150MVA on URPS-220/110/35/10 kV "Karajanbas" including utilization of funds for 2015 – 877 645 thous.tg;

- Construction of a regional control center – 1 100 476 thous.tg;

- Implementation of the project on implementation of ASCAPC in power grids  6-10 / 0,4 kV of  "MDPGC" JSC and transmission of telemetry data - 2390530 thous.tg. ".

 Zhumatayev A.R. , Deputy Chaiman of the Board for Economy and finance reported on results of financial activities of the company. He noted that the actual power transmission volumes in the reporting period in 2015 amounted to 2 518 million kW/h., implementation of the plan by 99%. The average sales tariff amounted to 3,57 tenge per 1 kW/h at the approved rate of 3,62 tenge. According to results of the year, volumes of legal entities’ consumption were less than planned, while the power consumption of other consumers has increased, which has led to a reduction of average sales tariff. The main large consumers of electricity that is transported through the Company’s power grids are enterprises of oil and gas industry, which account for 92% of all electricity transmitted in the year. Electricity sales decreased in 2015 compared to previous years. This is because “Mangystaumunaygaz” JSC put into operation its own gas-turbine plant which led to decrease in volumes of services rendered. The number of connected consumers in the reporting period was 19 329, including:

- Industrial enterprises - 455;

- state organizations - 154;

- Individual entrepreneurs - 1500;

- Population - 17,220.

During the reporting period, the actual level of normative technical losses of electricity in power grids of “MDPGC” JSC from 2011 to 2016 amounted to 7,07% while the plan was 7,66%. In 2016, the level of normative technical losses is also expected to be 7.66%. Revenues of “MDPGC” JSC in 2015 were actually amounted to 9 187  mln.tenge, the plan was executed by 98% which is due to decrease in the volumes of electricity transmission compared with the planned figures. Total expenditures made 7 472 mln.tenge with the growth by 6% or 436 mln.tenge against the approved plan.

Thus, total profit after taxation for 2015 amounted 1 336 mln.tenge.

Then, Sarbayeva A.M., Human resources department head reported about changes in the Republic of Kazakhstan labor legislation as well as she presented comparative table for the year results, which included social stability rating indicators of "MDPGC" JSC, where:

- The involvement of the personnel was 89%;

- An index of social development of the company - 96%;

- Social stability rating - 89%.

At the end of the general meeting of "MDPGC" JSC were assigned tasks to further improve the performance of the company. "Particular attention should be paid to the importance of taking measures aimed at improving skills and training of employees – 2016 year should be the" Year of skills upgrading ", - said Kirkinbaev E.A.,"MDPGC" JSC Chairman of the Board


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