Construction of Balkhash ТPP

Construction of Balkhash ТPP

Project title

  • Construction of Balkhash TPP

Description of the project

  • Construction of 1320 MW coal-fired power plant on coast of Balkhash Lake near Ulken village in Zhambyl district of Almaty region to provide power to the Southern zone of the Unified Energy System of Kazakhstan.


  • Covering electricity and capacity shortage of South Kazakhstan.

Implementation period

2010 - 2020

Project cost according to feasibility study

  • 566 618,2 mln.KZT

Technical solutions

  • Steam boiler DG2100 / 25.4-II1 manufactured by Dongfang Electric Corporation (PRC), single flow, supercritical, steam generating capacity - 2100 t/ h. Downstream steam parameters of boiler: pressure 25 MPa, temperature of 571 ° C. Fuel - Ekibastuz coal.
  • The 660 MW steam turbine SST 5-6000 manufactured by Siemens AG (Germany), condensing three-cylinder with recovery system with single reheat,  rotor speed – 3000 rpm.


  • Electricity production - 10 kWh/year.

Number of jobs

  • During construction – 3550-5500 persons
  • During operation – 970 persons

Current status

  • Activities related to arrangement of funding for the project are being carried out  

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