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“APP” JSC continued the tradition of holding a contest for "The best organization of work on occupational safety among production departments of “Almaty Power Plants” JSC in March – April 2019.


Review contest is held in order to improve the OHS management system, improve the organization and improve the efficiency of the occupational health and safety services of production departments, - told Marat Akylbay, Head of Reliability and Occupational Health and Safety Control Department, - The task of the contest is to disseminate and promote positive experience in occupational health and safety, intensification of propaganda of occupational safety issues, awareness and involvement of employees, to become a leader in occupation– this means to show commitment to the principles of health and safety.


A special committee conducted a survey on the assessment of performance indicators related to occupational safety and analyzed submitted materials during the contest.

Summing up the results of the review contest for the “Best organization of work on occupational safety among production departments of Almaty Power Plants” JSC (APP) based on 2018 performance results was timed to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated on April 28 every year. Prizes were awarded to participants who met conditions of the contest and achieved high results in implementing actions aimed at improvement of working conditions and occupational safety.


Awarding was performed by N.T. Mukhamed-Rakhimov, the Chairman of the Board of “APP” JSC with the participation of the Deputy Chairman of the Board for production G.Zh. Ismukhambetov and V.M. Sitdikova, the Chairman of the Branch “Trade Union of “APP”.

According to the results of the contest, the team of Hydropower plants Cascade took the first place, the CHP-3 team took the second place, and the staff of the Fuel Receipt and Discharge Center ranked 3rd.   

N.T. Mukhamed-Rakhimov, Chairman of the Board of “APP” JSC presented the winners with diplomas and cash awards, and the team that won the first place in the review contest received the prize cup.

- The importance of consistent work on improvement of occupational health and safety at the company must be highlighted. So much responsibility for prevention of workplace injuries and threats to health rests on occupational health and safety officers. Occupational health and safety is a system that should work as a single mechanism. To organize the work of this mechanism is one of the areas of your work, - said Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov.

- We are very glad that we ranked first in the contest and received the prize cup. The specificity of the HPP cascade is in the separability of plants, therefore inspection of work places is time consuming. A considerable work has been done at HPP cascade. This is the award of our entire team, first of all the heads of workshops and engineering and technical workers who are in charge of occupational health and safety” - shared Natalia Grankina, senior inspector for OHS at HPP cascade.

The review contest among “APP” JSC departments was arranged and held on the basis of a joint decision of Production Council for Occupational Health and Safety of “APP” JSC, Reliability and Occupational Health and Safety Control Department of “APP” JSC and the Branch of “Trade Union of APP” JSC the local trade union "Energy".


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