Almaty Power Plants will reconsider job descriptions of employees and executives

“Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation Team in charge of the introduction of the new organizational structure conducted a training seminar for the HR unit of “APP” JSC. The new approaches to job descriptions of the plant’s specialists were considered at the meeting.

The project involves the work on the revision of job descriptions (hereinafter - JD) for employees of “Almaty Power Plants” JSC (APP). The project team members explained in detail the difference between the job description and duty instructions.

“You should understand that the job description gives you the opportunity to evaluate the significance of job only, but not a person. A job must have value and contribute to an effective operation of the company. Respectively, its pay level may change, which will be approved by “Samruk-Energy” JSC Management Board, ” said Kseniya  Berdnik, a member of the project team.


Job description looks different from standard job description. The document includes such items as goals, key performance indicators of a job, which are described in the company's development strategy (financial and non-financial), qualification requirements, which include skills, knowledge, experience and main areas of responsibility of an employee. According to the project team, the innovation will enable to evaluate a position more fairly and develop grades system.

During the meeting, the project team held interviews with top managers of “APP” JSC. Draft job descriptions were prepared at the end of the seminar.  The members of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Management Board will review final documents until May 2019.

“Interviewing APP executives brings a clear presentation of responsibilities and identification of key issues. While the presence of communication meetings will allow formulating job descriptions in a proper manner, ”Kseniya Berdnik summarized the meeting.

The information was prepared by “Samruk-Energy” JSC Transformation team.


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