About the readiness of “Samruk-Energy” JSC energy producing organizations for the autumn and winter period

Energy producing organizations, which are part of “Samruk-Energy” JSC power holding company are fully prepared for operation during 2018-2019 autumn and winter period

About the readiness of “Samruk-Energy” JSC energy producing organizations for the autumn and winter period

Energy producing organizations, which are part of “Samruk-Energy” JSC power holding company are fully prepared for operation during 2018-2019 autumn and winter period. Serik Tutebayev, Managing Director for Production and Asset Management at “Samruk-Energy” JSC announced this at a press conference in Astana. According to the company’s representative, all utilities of “Samruk-Energy” JSC have received certificates of readiness by this time. Power plants of the holding company ensure the execution of power and heat loads schedule.

“Ekibastuz SDPP-1” LLP. At present five power units out of 7 operate at the enterprise, the current load of the plant is 2 100 MW. Capacity reserve is 940 MW (coal reserve is 494 thousand tons with a standard of 258, 3 thousand tons).

"Ekibastuz SDPP-2 Plant" JSC. Two power units are in operation, the current load of the plant is 722 MW. Capacity reserve ~ 220 MW. Repair campaign has been completed. A standard fuel reserve was created.

“Moynak HPP” JSC. The plant is located on the Charyn River in Almaty region. It supplies electricity to consumers in accordance with the concluded agreements and approved daily schedules, and provides a regulation mode from 80 to 300 MW, incl. upon instructions of the System Operator. Both hydraulic units are in operation.

“Shardarinsk HPP” JSC. The plant is located in Turkestan region on the Syrdarya River. The enterprise operates in a regular mode with two hydraulic units with a load of 43 MW. The station is implementing a large-scale project for upgrading the equipment that expired its 2 service lives. According to the project of the plant’s retrofit, hydraulic units No. 1 and No. 2 are in the process of replacement. In December of this year, the first hydraulic unit is expected to be commissioned after complete modernization. After completion of retrofit project, the plant will increase the installed capacity from 100 MW to 126 MW.

"Bogatyr Komir"LLP. The coal mining enterprise, located in Ekibastuz city, fulfilled all customer requests during the preparation for 2018-2019 heating season. About 80 percent of solid fuel from Bogatyr and Severny open-pit mines were sent to the republic's generating enterprises for heat and electricity production. “Ekibastuz SDPP-1” LLP, “Ekibastuz SDPP-2 Plant” JSC, Almaty and Stepnogorsk CHPs, “Karaganda Energocenter” LLP (CHP-1, CHP-3), “SevKazEnergo” JSC, “Astana-Energia” JSC (CHP-1, CHP-2), “Kokshetauzhylu” MUS, “Pavlodarenergo” JSC, “Bassel Group LLS” LLP (Temirtau c.) are among main Kazakhstani consumers. In general, coal output for 3 quarters of current year at “Bogatyr Komir” LLP open-pit coal mines amounted to 32 556 thousand tons, with planned 29 778 thousand tons. At the same time, as of today, the company has shipped 39 mln. tons of coal, which is 109 percent of the planned volumes. Including household coal (HC), 1.3 million tons have already been shipped, at an annual plan of 1 million tons.

In Almaty city, where the heating season began on October 12, enterprises of “Samruk-Energy” Almaty power complex ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity and heat:

“Almaty Power Plants” JSC. The organization produces heat and electricity in Almaty and Almaty region. It includes 8 production units, including CHP-1, CHP-2, CHP-3, Kapchagay HPP, Cascade of HPP, and Western Thermal Complex. The current load of the energy producing organization is

835 MW (according to a plan - 830 MW). Today, “APP” JSC prepared equipment of energy sources for the heating period. Repair campaign of “APP” JSC was completed as scheduled. A standard fuel reserve has been created at plants. The water release mode has been set at the Kapshagay hydroelectric plant from October 18, with fluctuations from 145 to 450 m3 / s through the site of the HPP, which corresponds to loads of 40-130 MW.

"Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC provides electricity to consumers in Almaty city and Almaty region. The total length of power transmission lines is 29 531 km; the number of high-voltage 35 kV and above substations - 207;

The planned repair works were fully completed by October 1, 2018. The company conducted a whole range of organizational and technical activities which were developed taking into account the experience of passing previous autumn and winter period with the aim to successfully pass 2018-19 autumn and winter period, and to ensure reliable, high-quality power supply to consumers of Almaty city and Almaty region at a time of maximum loads.

"AlmatyEnergoSbyt" LLP. To ensure uninterrupted power supply for Almaty city and Almaty region, the company concluded contracts for purchase and supply of electricity with energy producing and energy transmission organizations for 2018. At present, the procedure for concluding contracts for purchase and transmission of electricity for 2019 is about to commence.

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“Samruk-Energy” JSC is the largest power holding company in Kazakhstan, 100% owned by “Samruk-Kazyna” SWF JSC. It was established in 2007. Core business: electricity and heat production; transmission, distribution and sale of electricity, power coal mining. The holding company comprises energy and coal enterprises, including “Ekibastuz SDPP-1” LLP, “Ekibastuz SDPP-2 Plant” JSC, “Bogatyr Komir” LLP, “Almaty Power Plants” JSC, “Moynak Hydropower Plant named after U.D. Kantayev” JSC, “Shardarinsk HPP” JSC, etc.

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