"Samruk-Energy" JSC has announced a competition "Innovator - ENERGY 2015"

"Samruk-Energy" JSC has announced a competition "Innovator - ENERGY 2015" among employees of subsidiaries and affiliates of the company.

"Samruk-Energy" JSC has announced a competition "Innovator - ENERGY 2015" among employees of subsidiaries and affiliates of the company. The competition involves identifying and promoting not only the employees who offered useful ideas, but also enterprises introducing innovations.

“Samruk-Energy” JSC sets itself a task   to revive the institute of innovative ideas. After all, "a lever of innovation" that helps to optimize costs, increase profits and achieve overall performance in the workplace may be the idea of ​​the employees themselves.

Today, all subsidiaries of the company developed a Regulation on the development of innovation direction which includes a section about material incentives. For example, the author of the implemented idea that has an economic effect, i.e., profit will be awarded with 10% of remuneration. One-time bonuses are also provided.

The contest "Innovator - ENERGY 2015" will be held in two stages. The first - a testing of the innovation on subsidiaries and affiliates, the second stage -  Samruk-Energy committee comprising production unit’s department heads  and head of divisions will discuss the economic effect

The competition results will be announced in December, on the eve of the professional holiday "Day of power engineers". Authors of innovative ideas that were successfully implemented will be solemnly rewarded with prizes and diplomas.

Do you know?

The history of using people’s ideas to improve the performance of organizations dates back to 1770: the first program of receiving staff proposals was implemented on the ships of the Navy of Great Britain, and the first "tool" was “a suggestion box” (suggestion box). At that time the view expressed aloud that didn’t reflect the views of Admiral or captain could cost a death penalty for a "free-thinker". But senior officers understood 1) the importance of feedback, and 2) the need to provide a "safe" environment for subordinates who dared "to have own judgment." In order to encourage people to identify the shortcomings and improve the situation on the ships, it was necessary to free them from the fear of punishment. The officers addressed that issue by ensuring anonymity to “submitter” of views: the boxes into which each crew member could drop a note with his own proposal were placed.

Innovation that had proven to be efficient was accustomed and over time it began to be used in business: in 1880 suggestion box was set at the Scottish shipyard William Denny & Brothers. The owners promised to fairly reward everyone who will make suggestions that can be applied in practice. Since the Second World War, this practice is widespread in industrial plants in Europe and North America, becoming part of the concept of TQM (Total Quality Management).


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