Moynak HPP produced 5, 9 bln kWh and obtained the new name

Moynak HPP produced 5, 9 bln kWh and obtained the new name

Moynak HPP was named after Urazali Kantaev, its first Director General who supervised the construction of the facility and made an invaluable contribution to the implementation of an important project in the republic’s power sector.

The Council of Veterans-Power Engineers of Kazakhstan put forward an initiative on naming the plant after their colleague. The request was supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and approved by the resolution of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Board of Directors. On this occasion, a solemn event took place on the plant’s site, which was attended by veterans of the industry, specialists who were engaged in construction of the facility, employees of the hydro power plant.

The first power unit of the hydropower plant was commissioned in December 2011; however, not long before the launch of the facility Urazali Davletyarovich died of a serious illness resulted in heavy workloads at the workplace.

The 300 MW Moynak HPP was built as part of the State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development and in accordance with the Program for Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Power Industry until 2030. It is located on the Sharyn River in Raiymbek district of Almaty region. This is one of the breakthrough projects, which today successfully addresses the issues related to reducing the electricity deficit in the Southern Zone of Kazakhstan’s UES (Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda and Turkestan regions), covering peak loads and regulating capacity in the power system. The enterprise’s projected average annual output of electricity is 1, 027 billion kWh.

The HPP generated 649 million kWh of electricity over 7 months. In total, since the commissioning of the second power unit in 2012, the plant has produced circa 5, 9 billion kWh of electricity.

It should be noted that the plant is unique due to a number of technological features and tasks it performs and stands out not only among a number of generating facilities of “Samruk-Energy” JSC energy holding company  but also among all operating power plants of the republic. The project "Moynak HPP on the Sharyn River" is the first high-pressure diversion hydropower plant in Kazakhstan and in the CIS territory with a difference of altitudes of 500 meters between the level of the reservoir and location of hydro units.

In terms of water consumption, Moynak HPP has best indicators among the existing hydropower plants in the world, 0,25 cubic meters per second for production of 1 MW.  For comparison: the specific consumption of the largest hydropower plant in Kazakhstan, Shulbinskaya on Irtysh river, is equal to 5 m3 / s / MW, and Shardarinsk HPP on Syrdarya river in the Turkestan region – 7,5 m3 / s / MW. The plant is equipped with cutting edge hydraulic units, which have high technical parameters and efficiency.

Furthermore, Moynak HPP is an example of successful international cooperation. Engineering and construction of the plant’s main facilities were performed in cooperation with China International Water and Energy Corporation. Andritz Hydro (Austria) hydraulic turbines are installed in the building of the HPP, and hydro generators are assembled at the plant in Harbin (PRC).

Today Moynak HPP plans to increase the plant's production by 100 million kWh per year through diversion of part of Kensu River waters to the Bestyubinsk reservoir.


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