“Samruk-Energy” JSC completed Almaty energy re-equipment program, which A.Yesimov started 10 years ago

The new "Turksib" substation was commissioned in Almaty.

“Samruk-Energy” JSC completed Almaty energy re-equipment program, which A.Yesimov started 10 years ago

Today the new “Turksib” closed type substation was commissioned under the supervision of Akmetzhan Yesimov, CEO of “Samruk-Kazyna” Sovereign Wealth Fund” JSC. The launch of the new power facility allowed closing the Sustainable Electricity Supply Program in Almaty completely, which has started back in 2008.


The "Turksib" substation will increase the transformer capacity by 30 MVA and will supply electricity to the central part of Turksib district and the new "Zhas Qanat" microdistrict built as part of "Affordable Housing" program, as well as to the main part of "Kairat" microdistrict which was joined under the  program "Interregional scheme Almaty urban agglomeration until 2030".

Akmetzhan Yesimov, Chairman of the Board of "SWF "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC noted that the high emphasis is placed on the issue of uninterrupted power supply to the largest megalopolis of the country and now the only task is to properly operate these capacities.

"One of the tasks that the Head of State set approximately ten years ago was the sustainable power supply to Almaty city. And today, this task has been completely fulfilled with the commissioning of the substation.The only task that remains is appropriate operation of these facilities, since more than 20 billion tenge has been invested and they should now operate well"- Akhmetzhan Yesimov said.


It should be noted that after launching of the 33rd substation, the Power Supply Map within the boundaries of Almaty city will be completely painted in "green", which means full availability of electricity.

"If you remember, a while back, 10 years ago there were rolling and emergency outages, unsustainable power supply, which hampered the development of the city and the development of business, which for sure affected social well-being," A. Yesimov highlighted.

Moreover, Akhmetzhan Yesimov visited power facilities of "Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC during his business trip to Almaty city, which are important components of the sustainable development of the city’s power complex. A.Yesimov learned about the work on transfer of load from 220/110/10 kV substation No. 131A "Gorny Gigant" to 220/110 /10-10 kV substation No.160A "Yermensay".


This project is implemented because of emerged risks of landslides in the area where the Gorny Gigant substation is located, which may lead to destruction of the substation and the mass disconnection of consumers. In order to avoid emergencies, it was decided to transfer loads from the "Gorny Gigant" substation to "Yermensay" substation.

The commissioning of "Yermensay" substation in 2011 was timed to coincide with holding of Winter Asian Games -2011 in Almaty city. The project on the transfer of loads is expected to be completed in 2018; "Gorny Gigant" substation will then be removed.


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