“Samruk-Energy” JSC held the Day of labor dynasties

To celebrate this holiday employees of subsidiaries from different parts of Kazakhstan were invited to the capital. Representatives of 7 labor dynasties awarded diplomas and memorable gifts.

The Day of labor dynasties was established in 2013 on the initiative of the Sovereign Wealth Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" (hereinafter - the Fund). It is an idea that needs to maintain a family inheritance of the occupation and the succession of generations. Today we can say with certainty about the origination of a new tradition of preservation and promotion of this unique social phenomenon as labor dynasties.

"Samruk-Energy" JSC along with the Fund’s group of companies celebrates this holiday for the second year . At this representatives of family dynasties that work in the following subsidiaries and affiliates (SA) of "Samruk-Energy" JSC arrived to Astana: "APP" JSC, "AZhC" (Almaty) JSC, "SEGRES-2" JSC, LLP "EGRES- 1"(Ekibastuz SDPP in Ekibastuz city), “ZhGRES " JSC(Taraz), " Aktobe CHP" JSC(Aktobe).


Chief Corporate Development Officer of "Samruk-Energy" JSC Khanat Aymenov congratulated representatives of labor dynasties and noted: "Labour dynasty is an invaluable resource of our company. It is an indicator of stability, prestige and success. The strength of the team is evident in the power of labor dynasties. Labor dynasty is the support the company, its past, present and future. They are the proof of prosperity, stability and social significance of the enterprise. "

Dynasty of Beisebayev family represents Zhambyl GRES. Head of the family Rakhimbay began his career in 1974 as a 2 category locksmith of equipment repair of CHP machine shops repair and production enterprise "Yuzhkazenergoremont". In September 1976 he was employed by Zhambyl state district power plant as an operator of fuel and transport shop. After going through all the stages of excellence, in 1996 he was appointed shift supervisor of the fuel and transport shop. In 2003 he was transferred to the positions of shift supervisor of Maintenance service of fuel oil facilities equipment

A large and friendly family was made possible thanks to family head Rakhimbay and his wife Kenzhekul. Together they have raised and given a decent education to four hardworking sons. Batyrzhan eldest son is currently working with his father. The second son Bakhytzhan worked at Zhambyl state district power plant from 2003 to 2010 he has proved himself as a good expert and was invited to work in Tarazenergocentre company as a shift supervisor. Bekezhan youngest son, obtained a lot of experience at the plant, and continued his further career in the internal affairs bodies where he also approved himself as a worthy employee.

It is worth noting that the Maintenance service of fuel oil facilities equipment is one of the key units of the power plant. Its main task is the preparation and provision of fuel to power plant units. Rakhimbay Beysebaev as an experienced mentor brought up several generations of young professionals who are currently working at the power plant’s divisions and other power utilities.

Rakhimbay Beisebayev was awarded the title "Best employee of the shop" for fruitful work and in the honor of the 40th anniversary of the plant he was awarded the Certificate of Merit of "KazTransGas" JSC and was rewarded many times.


The head of the dynasty, Sergei Fateyev is irreplaceable employee of Aktobe CHP with almost 40 years work experience. He worked his way up from an electrician on duty to shift supervisor of the electric shop. He has been working in the post of shift supervisor since 1981. Dedicated work of Sergey Leonidovich made a major contribution to ensuring the smooth operation of plant equipment. Diligence, hard working and high performance in the workplace and the responsibility for assigned tasks distinguish him. Sharing his experience, he instills in young generation the spirit of responsibility for their work, careful attitude to equipment, strong adherence to technical and fire safety regulations, the maintenance of order in the workplace.

Wife Olga has been working with husband at Aktobe CHP since 1983. From 1999 to present she works as battery attendant of electric shop. Obtained theoretical and practical skills have allowed Olga Yevgenevna to become a good specialist, as well as mentor who shares her knowledge with young specialists.


The head of dynasty Kulimzhan Temirbekova began her career in 1968 in Rayimbek distribution zone department of the region’s power networks and today it is AZC (Alatau Zharyk Company). Total length of employment of Kulimzhan dynasty which comprises two sons, two daughters in law and three grandchildren is 216 years.

Sons Aliaskar Temirbekov (Raiymbek distribution zone) and Rysbek Rahmetzhanov (Esikskyi Distribution zone) have worked on the production of a total of about 40 years. Aliaskar in the capacity of electrician on substations service and Rysbek worked as an engineer of distribution networks and technical safety supervisor until 2002. Their spouses work with them at the same enterprise. Rysbek’s wife Alieva Sholpan has been working since 1965 at Yesikskyi distribution zone, worked her way up from an engineer of distribution networks to the head of production and technical team, until retirement in 2004. Today three grandchildren: Darkhan Temirbekov- supervisor of "Tekessky" area, Yermek Rahmetzhanov - Head of substations group of Talgar RES (distribution zone) and Yerkin Rahmetzhanov - the driver of the car in electrical equipment repair shop continue Temirbekov’s dynasty.

Kulimzhan Temirbekova says proudly that raised a worthy generation, and is happy that the power industry has become a family tradition, which she hopes her great-grandchildren will continue.


Employment history at HPP Cascade of Rasskazovyh family dynasty extends back 136 years. The head of dynasty Nicholay is a veteran of World War II, in 1948 he was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Nikolay Prokofievich participated in the construction, establishment and development of Cascade of HPPs. The wife - Evdokia Rasskazova Artemovna worked 25 years at HPP cascade. In 1947 she was awarded the medal "For valorous labor during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" Evdokia Artemovna remembers how the station was built: "For women, it was very hard work: we carried rocks, sand, concrete on barrows as well as made batch by hand. We built houses for employees of HPP cascade ".

Son Victor and daughter Olga (Ryseva) also cast in their lot with the enterprise where their parents worked. Viktor worked his way from worker to chief engineer on organizing the

operation of the electric machine shop equipment. The total length of employment in the energy sector is 46 years. He was in charge of preparation and improvement of knowledge of HPP cascade operating personnel, taught and passed on his experience to the younger generation. In 1985 he introduced proposal for technical improvement - "Frequency signaling scheme in the system". Raskazov V.N. was entered into the "Book of Honor" RE Alma Ataenergo, awarded with badge "Shock worker of the eleventh five-year plan", his professionalism was recognized by awarding diplomas of merit of Almaty city administration, "Samruk-Energy", letters of gratitude and monetary awards. In 2014, he was awarded the title "Long service employee of power industry"

Daughter Olga Nikolayevna - chief HR specialist with 26 years of experience. During the years of her work at HPP cascade, she was repeatedly awarded with diplomas, letters of gratitude and monetary awards for achievements in work and social activity. Her name was added to the honors board of “APP” JSC. In 2015 she was awarded the title “ Long service employee of power industry”

Grandson Nikolay Valerevich continues Raskazov’s dynast. He worked 7 years in the cascade of hydroelectric power plants. During this time he worked his way from an electrical fitter on the repair of power plant equipment to engineer on organization of equipment operation of the enterprise’s electrical machine shop. Since 2007 he works as a head of the department of power supply at one of the private enterprises.


The total length of employment of Plakhinyh dynasty at Ekibastuz GRES in the energy sector is approaching is close to a century - 97 years. Head of the family Nikolay Aleksandrovich after serving in the Armed Forces, began his career in 1981 in the trust "Ekibastuzenergostroy" as fourth category fitter. Over the years, he obtained experience and improved his qualification. From March 1997 he works at Ekibastuz GRES-2 in the workshop of centralized repair of equpment.

Wife of Nikolay Alexandrovich - Natalia Valentinovna works at Ekibastuz GRES-2 since 1994 in human resources department. Plakhinyh all three daughters followed in their parents’ footsteps, having chosen an electrical engineer occupation. Since 1998 daughter Yelena has been working at the shop of hydro technical constructions and underground communications in the capacity of third category machine operator of pump units. Since 2001 daughter Svetlana has been working as the 5th category electrical fitter on repair and maintenance of power plant’s automatic devices and measuring tools at the shop of thermal automatic devices and measurements. Since 2007 Svetlana's husband Kozodoenko A.N. has also been working as a leading marketing expert at the Ekibastuz GRES-2 electricity sale department. Fate brought them together at Ekibastuz GRES-2, where a new family of electrical engineers was born.

Daugher Lyubov started working in the Technical office of SEGRES-2 in 2012 as a technician at the Laboratory of Metals.


7 family members make Okunev dynasty. Father Evstafiy Semenovich started working at Alma-Ata hydroelectric power station in 1970 as a 3rd category carpenter of repair and construction shop. Having retired three years later he kept on working in the same position at the production enterprise specializing in power equipment repair. From 1983 to 1985 he continued to work in Alma-Ataenergospetsremont. His wife Okuneva Anna Timofeyevna worked at Alma-Ata hydroelectric power station from 1970 to 1973 as a reception in the

dormitory. The whole family of their daughter Alla including her husband Gorbunov Nikolay Sergeyevich, daughter Gorbunova Vera Nikolayevna, her husband Bobrowski Vladimir Dmitrievich and Okunev’s grandson Pavlov Sergey Viktorovich works in positions of machine operators of boiler shop mills, machine operators of block system’s boilers, machine operators of fuel conveying systems, engineers-inspectors of the boiler equipment. Okunev dynasty acquitted itself well, as conscientious, disciplined and executive employees who have always successfully coped and cope with assigned tasks.


Family Zeru is another representative of labor dynasty: Zeru Valentina Viktorovna, her mother Stepkina Valentina Vasilevna, son Zeru Nikolay Yurievich, daughter in law Zeru Svetlana Aleksandrovna. Total work experience of family members at Ekibastuz GRES-1 is 59 years.

Stёpkina Valentina from 1981 to 1992, she worked as a cleaner production and office space in the workshop "Electric" at Ekibastuz GRES-1, and now, being retired, is a veteran of LLP "Ekibastuz GRES-1."

From 1979 to present Zeru Valentina Viktorovna is the 6th category engine man of an automated fuel conveying system in "Toplivno-transportnyi-2" workshop (fuel and transport) of LLP "Ekibastuz GRES-1". Her long track record and skills allow Valentina Viktorovna to timely prevent possible failures in the power plant, which has a positive impact on overall job performance.

From 2006 to present Zeru Nikolay Yurevich works as the 6th category machine operator of LLP "Ekibastuz GRES-1" “Toplivno-transportnyi-2” workshop, he is charge of trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Daughter-in-law Svetlana has been working at the power plant from 2012 to present as the 6th category engine man of automated fuel conveying system at “Toplivno-transportnyi-2” workshop. During this short period of time she establish herself as a responsible, honest, easily trained specialist.


The head of Kozlov dynasty - Vladimir Ilyich worked in the coal industry for 45 years; from 1979 to 2013 as an assistant of machine operator of bucket wheel excavator at “Ekibastuzugol” production union’s “Bogatyr” section.

From 1979 and until retirement, his wife Lyubov Alekseyevna worked as a senior engineer on establishing control, and then engineer on the organization and standardization of work in the department of labor management and wages of "Bogatyr Komir" LLP.

Vladimir Ilyich and Lyubov Alekseyevna brought up two sons, who went in the footsteps of their parents. At present the eldest son Sergey and junior son Ilya work at "Bogatyr Komir" LLP. Total work experience of Kozlov family is 119 years.



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