Put in commission ahead of schedule

Bogatyr Coal successfully completed the program for retrofitting of SRs (K) - 2000 bucket-wheel excavators.

   The final, fifth in turn, mining machine was put into operation ahead of schedule on Friday by maintenance staff and # 2147 excavator team involved in the retrofit.  Bucket-wheel excavators No. 1143, 1144, 1145, 1146 have gone through the process of technical re-equipment at "Bogatyr" coal mine since 2009.  

   The procedure for the official transfer of the rotary excavator No. 2147 was preceded by a test run and a control check of all the mechanisms and units in operation. Then, following a long-standing tradition, Electrician of Mining Works Section No. 2 at Bogatyr coal mine Igor Ignatov and Crew Leader of SRs(K)-2000 excavator No. 2147 Andrey Peshkov broke a bottle of champagne on a rotor wheel bandaged with a ribbon.  

     It should be noted that the SRc (K) - 2000 bucket-wheel excavator is currently the most powerful mining machine at "Bogatyr" coal mine. Its height is about 45 meters, and the weight exceeds 2 thousand tons. With the help of its rotating rotor, the SRc (K) -2000 excavator can extract 4,500 tons of coal per hour. According to estimates of the company’s specialists, the replacement of generators and electric motors with wound rotor to frequency converters performed as part of  SRc (K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavator No. 2147 modernization, will significantly reduce the maintenance costs of the machine. In addition, the modernization will increase the availability ratio of the excavator by reducing the failure of electrical and mechanical equipment.

   The results of the nine-month work were summarized by Vladimir Kocherga, Maintenance Director of Bogatyr Coal LLP:

- Today we are finishing the long-term program of SRs(K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavators' modernization. For its full implementation the company invested significant funds. It is enough to say that around 3 billion KZT were allocated for the modernization of SRs(K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavatorNo.2147. The conducted modernization and major overhaul have increased the reliability of the machine significantly. At the same time the work conditions for personnel have been improved. In the equipment operating room the air-conditioners were installed. The system of equipment automatic work control will lighten the labor of miners. The electric equipment, cable products, drive units of the conveyor and bucket wheel were replaced in the course of the modernization; the modern control system and new operator cabs were installed. In addition to it, the major overhaul of the carrier part of the machine was carried out. The modernization allowed prolonging the service life of the excavator for 10 more years, which is until the moment of the launch of the cycle and flow technology in 2027. I would like to mention the special contribution of Mining and Transportation Equipment Maintenance Plant, bucket-wheel excavator No.2147 crew members, the whole Bogatyr coal mine, Maintenance Direction, Major Construction Direction, Chief Power Engineer Service, and also of subcontracting organizations. Thanks to their joint and well-coordinated work we managed to finish the modernization of SRs(K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavator No. 2147 ahead-of-schedule.  

     Andrey Peshkov, Crew Leader of SRs(K)-2000 bucket-wheel excavator No. 2147, gave his assessment of the modernization held: 

   - I have been working on the excavator since 1989. I got employed there right away after my service in the army. My first position was Assistant Operator; for the last 15 years I have been working as Excavator Operator. I have been participating in the modernization from the very beginning that is why I can say - we leathered away on the job. The crew members tried to do everything thoroughly and qualitatively. There was no need to explain anything to anybody. Everybody understood - we will have to work on this machine. I think the work on the renewed machine will be interesting. We could learn the principle of the work of the new equipment in the process of adjustment already; we will be able to learn it in details in the future. We will have time for that. In general, the guys are in high spirits. After the break connected with the modernization they anticipate the work commencement impatiently.

   One other point worth to be noted here, is that the program of SRc (K) - 2000 bucket-wheel excavators retrofit implemented at “Bogatyr Coal” LLP, enabled to exclude the need to purchase new excavators of this brand. According to experts, the cost of only one such mining machine in the world market is now 55 million euro.

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   Bogatyr Coal is a joint venture engaged in open-pit coal mining of “Samruk-Energy” JSC being a part of “Samruk-Kazyna” Sovereign Wealth Fund and the Russian United Company RUSAL. Bogatyr Coal LLP accounts for 60 percent of all coal produced in the Ekibastuz coal basin and 40 percent of the total volume of steam coal production in Kazakhstan. Bogatyr Coal LLP is one of the largest enterprises in the world for open-pit mining, its balance reserves amount to 2.75 billion tons. The production capacity of the enterprise is 42 million tons of coals per year, including Bogatyr coal mine (32 million tons), Severny coal mine (10 million tons).

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