Technical modernization heading

In Bogatyr Coal LLP they launched the modernization of SRs(K)-2000 #2147 bucket-wheel excavator

Technical modernization heading

In Bogatyr Coal LLP they launched the modernization of SRs(K)-2000 #2147 bucket-wheel excavator. The coal mining machine operated from the middle of the eighties was placed at the maintenance site in March this year. The analogous procedure of technical rearmament at Bogatyr coal mine was held for machines ## 1143, 1144, 1145, 1146 at various times.

Within the frames of modernization of SRs(K)-2000 #2147 bucket-wheel excavator the complete replacement of electric equipment, cable products, conveyor drives, and a bucket-wheel is scheduled, and also the replacement of controlling system, operator's cabs and mechanical assemblies with past technical operating life. Currently the specialists of the plant of mining and transportation equipment maintenance together with the excavator crew are busy with the repair of the travelling gear of the excavator. Particularly, the disassembly of reducing gears, tracks has been made; compactors have been repaired, the travelling gear of A support has been assembled and the works are going on B and C supports. At the same time the works are carried out on the replacement of a rotor: the disassembly of buckets of a bucket-wheel and drive motor has been made; the reducing gear has been disassembled partially.

The necessary spare parts are coming from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and also from domestic manufactures; some spare parts are manufactured at Mining and Transportation Equipment Maintenance Plant without subcontracting. It is scheduled to set stands for a console of a balancing weight and a rotor boom at the further stage, what will allow disassembling all the equipment completely and make its repair or replacement. It is planned to start disassembling old equipment - electric equipment cabinets, sensors, electric engines, cable products, and cable troughs. The most complicated stage - installation of new electric equipment - is scheduled for fulfillment in the second 10-day period of June.

According to the approved schedule of works it is scheduled to complete the modernization of SRs(K)-2000 #2147 bucket-wheel excavator by November 20, 2017. By the words of the specialists the launched modernization will allow prolonging the term of the excavator operation for 10 more years - up to 2027. The progress of works is under special control of the management of Bogatyr Coal LLP. The supervision of quality of works performance is made by the representatives of TAKRAF GmbH - the German company, manufacturer of the excavator - along with the client. It is worthy of note it is planned to install absolutely the same electric equipment and the control system on SRs(K)-2000 #2147, which was installed on all four modernized bucket-wheel excavators at Bogatyr coal mine. In its turn it will exclude the necessity to train personnel skills of work on a modernized machine one more time. 


Photo by Oleg MALCHUK


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