Shardarа HPP is ready for operation in fall and winter

Currently, the №4 hydraulic unit is in process, it carries a load of 18 MW. HPP’ s load mode depends on water release regulated by Water Resources Committee of the RK Ministry of Agriculture

Shardarа HPP is ready for operation in fall and winter

Late in September “Shardarinsk HPP” JCS obtained a certificate of readiness for operation during the fall and winter of 2016 – 2017 of energy producing and energy transmission organizations.   Actual production for 9 months was amounted to 258 million kWh, which is 22% higher than the approved plan.

Currently, the №4 hydraulic unit is in process, it carries a load of 18 MW.  HPP’ s load mode depends on water release regulated by Water Resources Committee of the RK Ministry of Agriculture.

In accordance with the confirmed schedule of “Shardarinsk HPP” JCS main equipment repair:

  • hydraulic unit №3 has been  removed out of service for repair, the completion of the repair is scheduled for October 8, 2016.
  • current maintenance of hydraulic unit №4 is scheduled from 10th of October 2016 to 28th of October, 2016.

“Shardarinsk HP” JCS implements the Project of technological equipment modernization, which will increase the installed capacity of the plant by 26%, improve the environmental safety of operation. Modernization of HPP is performed without interrupting the electricity production by means of a phased replacement of all four hydraulic units.

Bakytbek Zhanabayev, Chairman of the Board of “Shardarinsk HPP” JSC said:

   - Our project has great importance for electricity supply in energy -deficient region of Kazakhstan. We will increase the efficiency of water resources use owing to new technologies.

The Austrian company «Andritz Hydro», the general contractor of the project, has half century history of turbines and hydroelectric generators manufacture.

    The effect of the project implementation:

 • Power increase of  Shardarinsk HPP from  100 to 126 MW

• Production of additional 57 million kWh /year;

• Reducing the risks of the power plant’s emergency shutdown.

Expected outcome

Increase of the plant’s technical life, which will amount 35-40 years;

Increase in the installed capacity up to 126%;

Improvement of  energy efficiency by 7%

Shardara HPP modernization project is included in the State program of forced industrial - innovative development of Kazakhstan, approved by the Decree № 958 dated on March 19, 2010 of the Republic of Kazakhstan President. It was also included in the Republican map of industrialization for 2015 - 2019 years, approved by the Decree № 1418 dated on December 31, 2014 of the Government of the Republic  of Kazakhstan. The sole shareholder of JSC "Shardara HPP" is JSC "Samruk-Energy".


"Shardarinsk HPP" JSC was commissioned on October 10, 1967. The installed capacity is 100 MW; Number of units - 4 pcs ; average annual production - 377 million kW. Shardarinsk hydropower plant, as part of the Naryn-Syrdarinsk cascade, has important water-economic purpose such as irrigation, power generation, and flood control. The power plant location - in the middle reach of Syrdaria river.

Over the course of Shardarinsk HPP operation, the maximum volume of electricity generation was achieved during the flood in 1969 - 648.1 million kilowatts / hour. This record figure hit in 2010, the old equipment of  Shardarinsk HPP produced 670.5 million kW / h of electricity.


Project cost: 35.5 bln. tenge including VAT.  Implementation period: 2009 - 2017. Completion of works is scheduled for December 2017.  Financing scheme: equity - 52% and loans (48%) according to the Loan Agreement signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) d/d August 24, 2012. The sole shareholder “Samruk-Energy" JSC acts as guarantor of performance of obligations to the Bank under the Loan Agreement.

Following the result of a two-stage international tender for the selection of EPC contractor,  the EPC contract was signed with Andritz Hydro in December 2013.

Current status

• As of today the overhead travelling crane equipment has been delivered and installed, the equipment of hydro generators turbine are being supplied, operations on dismantling of concrete have been completed.  The first hydraulic unit (GA№2) has been dismantled, auxiliary electrical and mechanical equipment for the GA-2i and GA-1 are being installed, 2 hydroelectric units (GA №1) have been dismantled, concrete of hydraulic unit №2 was cut, concrete of hydraulic unit №1 is being cut . The volume of project equipment supply as of 27.09.2016 is 90,2%.

EPC-contractor is an international supplier of complete electromechanical systems and services ( "From Water to PTL ") for hydropower plants. In the global market the company is a leading supplier of products for the hydropower projects. In addition, the company carries out construction of new hydropower plants and also offers services for existing plants reconstruction and modernization.  For more than 170 years the company has been the manufacturer of turbines, installed more than 30,000 turbines (400 000 MW);  And for more than 120 years has been engaged in construction of power plants; It supplies the entire range of equipment with capacity up to 800 MW and above.


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