The best ones won: Competitions of professional skills

"Bogatyr Komir" LLP hosted a traditional contest for the title "Best in Profession" among operators of traction units

On the eve of two professional holidays Railway worker’s day and Miner's Day, "Bogatyr Komir" LLP hosted a traditional contest for the title "Best in Profession" among operators of traction units. The professional skills contest was attended by ten specialists with railway specialty.

The competition started from theoretical part, in which participants had to demonstrate excellent knowledge of the subject. All of them were given tests which included 50 questions. According to the competition terms, a participant received one point respectively for each correct answer. According to the results of the first round the leaders were: among veterans - V.Kolesnikov (48 points) , among young people - A. Shaimerdenov (47 points).
The draw that was carried out after determined the order of contestants’ performances in the practical part. Here, each of them was required to demonstrate excellent skills and professional intuition while operating a machine, namely to stop the traction units without knocking the bar specially installed. Among veterans it was D.Makushin who was able to cope with the practical task best of all and among youth it was B. Batagov.
Three winners in each age group were determined according to the sum of points for two rounds . The winners among veterans were: Ramazan Nurashev - 1st place (94 points); Dmitry Makushin - 2nd place (92 points); Vyacheslav Zorin - 3rd place (91 points). Among young people - Boris Batagov - 1st place (91 points); Aydin Shaimerdenov - 2nd place (77 points); Evgeny Zhitnikov - 3rd place (75 points).

All winners were awarded certificates of honor, the winners’ trophies, gifts and cash prizes. The rest of the contestants were encouraged for participating and for their diligence.

A week earlier, a similar competition was held among the operators of SEIL-1 and diesel locomotive. Here the top three winners were: in the category "Operators of SEIL-1 (youth)" - Evgeny Repnikov (1st place), Denis Posunko (2nd place), Mikhail Litvinenko (3rd place); in the category "Operators of SEIL-1 (veterans) - Vladislav Brandukov (1st place), Aleksandr Prokopenko (2nd place), Denis Olkhov (3rd place); in the category "diesel locomotive operators" - Ruslan Syzdykov (1st place), Andrey Butrov (2nd place), Alexander Efimov (3rd place).

Kanat ALDABAEV, photo by Oleg Malchukov


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