Professional competitions among operation and maintenance personnel of "EK REC" JSC were held in East Kazakhstan

Competitions were held with the support of PA "The trade union organization of East Kazakhstan power grids"

Professional skills competitions among the maintenance and operation teams of company’s distribution grids were held at the central training site of "EK REC" JSC located at the base of Tavrichesky district of power networks (DPN) from 25 to 26 May 2016. During two days employees of energy company demonstrated skills and craftsmanship. Five teams from different parts of our region: Tavrichesky DPN, Semey DPN, Urdzharsky DPN, Zaisan DPN and Kurchum DPN participated in the competition.

During the competition participants had to pass computer-based testing of knowledge of safety regulations, rules of technical operation of electrical installations, safety rules when working with tools and devices. Also, the competition included the following steps: liberation of the person affected by the action of an electric current on 10 kV overhead line tower, first aid with the use of "Gosha" simulator-mannequin, replacement of 10 kV overhead lines, elimination of fire in the transformer box, etc. There was total of 8 stages at which senior judges and judges of stages were employees of reliability control and occupational health and safety departments as well as technical management of "EK REC" JSC.

Competitions were held with the support of PA "The trade union organization of East Kazakhstan power grids".

The purpose of such events is to improve professional level of employees, exchange experience between employees of different departments and as a result – provide safety when performing work in electrical installations and improving the quality of EKR consumer’s power supply. The competitions were very entertaining and interesting. All teams showed professionalism and it was really difficult for judges to choose the best team.

Award winning teams and winners in various nominations were identified as a result of competitions. For example, the 1st place in a not easy battle was given to Tavrichesky DPN, Semey DPN took the 2nd place, 3rd place - Urdzharsky DPN team. Following the results of competitions the winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

"East Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company" JSC carries out its operations in the field of transmission and distribution of electricity through its grids and serves East Kazakhstan region territory. The company transmits electricity to 15 districts, 10 cities, 872 rural settlements and villages. The length of the company’s grids is 35 000 km. "EK REC" JSC is one of the largest energy transmission companies in Kazakhstan. The reliability of grids and operation of the equipment is ensured by the production staff of "EK REC" JSC, the size of which is 2900 employees. The total headcount is 3100 employees.


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