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On the eve of independence and their professional holiday energy summed up the results of its work.

In Almaty energy intensive modernization. Increase in capacity due to the growing needs of the Megapolis is preparing for the World Universiade, are expanding the boundaries of the city. In addition, within the framework of the "new" map of industrialization of production. The other journalists were able to visit Almaty new modernized energy facilities of the city.

The newly built substation "Esentai" is located in the district "Koktem". Superficially, this resembles a substation construction, thanks to the modern design of the building can be taken for Office Center. As the Manager of sales, distribution Division, HYDRO and RENEWABLE ENERGY, Member of the Board of JSC "Samruk-Energo" Gani Salimzhuarov, Almaty is now very hard to find a familiar face open substation. Now such objects-covered, first of all it is safe and eliminates the risks associated with weather conditions. That is, rain and snow can cause short circuits, broken wires on the transformer and so on.;">

December 13, 2014

Such constructions even in the CIS is a rarity, the substation control distance using the iPad, said Gani Salimzhuarov.

He also recalled that the decision to modernize the electrical networks of the city was taken in 2006 year. Then the city was preparing for the Asian Games 2011, the network also were worn to the point that serious failures became commonplace, in Almaty is often disconnected the light. Of the 54 47 were overloaded substations, tolerate this state of affairs was not possible. This programme has been developed for the 2007-2013 period. Only a part of the city has 30 substations, work was undertaken to modernize the electric grid. High-voltage ground POWER LINES a thing of the past, now about 50 kilometres of power lines buried under the ground.

In addition, we have developed a program of development up to 2020, the city's electricity, with a view to 2030, which allocated 170 billion tenge. In the past year was 9.2 billion tenge. The repair campaign was allocated 2.2 billion tenge. We repaired the 71 equipment", - said Gani Salimzhuarov.

In addition to the construction of facilities in the field of electricity, the power of the urban heating networks. In particular, the modernization of the largest Kazakhstan-Almaty station pulverized CHPP-2. Constructed a new boiler room installation. Investment volume amounted to 13166.7 million tenge. The funding was from the Republican budget, the station invested in modernization and of its funds. The new equipment, the station was able to increase volumes of heat supply.

Now the CHP-2 produces up to one million per year and provides gigacalories more than 50 percent of consumers, including industrial facilities and residential sector. CHPP-2 will provide heat and electricity to the industrial zone, which will be created next to it.

In addition the station assumed the part loads CHPP-1, built in 1935, and, as a joke, reminding the museum specialists of heat power industry of Kazakhstan.

Managing Director of JSC "Almaty power stations" (JSC "Distribution") Bisembek Sabyrkulov narrated that, located in the heart of the city, CHPP-1 was not completely complies with the environmental standards. It was therefore decided to part of its function to THERMAL POWER PLANT-2. Eventually, TEC-1 will be closed, as it has in fact already reached its capacity. It should replace the gas station. But the problem is that transporting gas in Almaty is quite expensive. So now the experts work on the question: how to make a gas station viable.

In the meantime, CHPP-1 continues to work, but it's mostly in the winter when you want to increase the heat output.


Photo By Yuri VYBLOVA

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The day of power branch workers-professional holiday industry, covering the production, transmission and distribution of electric and thermal energy to consumers. It is celebrated annually on December 22 in a number of countries of the Commonwealth of independent States: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. In Kazakhstan, the holiday falls on the third Sunday of December.


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