Coronavirus emergency state coincided with the final phase of the heating season and commencement of repair works at thermal and electric plants of the republic. Not a single case of accidents and shutdowns of strategic facilities that provide cities and rural settlements with essential services had taken place only thanks to a high level of expertise, strenuous efforts and mutual help of power engineers.
Today’s film is dedicated to inconspicuous heroes of spring of this year – power engineers.




In the Pavlodar region, the relay was launched in support of Gennady Golovkin, reports in honor of the Kazakh boxer, a race was held in Ekibastuz. The event was organized by Bogatyr Komir LLP.

According to the head of the social development Department of the company, Vladimir Tyulin, the company produced a nameplate in a wooden frame, on which a map of Kazakhstan is laser-engraved. This attribute will be passed from region to region and will eventually reach GGG.

"Our company supports a healthy lifestyle, so we decided to launch a marathon in Kazakhstan. The geographical borders of 15 regions of our country are engraved on the nameplate. The start is given in Ekibastuz, then the shild will go to the Turkestan region. The last one will be Karaganda, where the plaque will be handed over to Gennady Golovkin. The goal of the marathon is to show that our Kazakhstan is a sports country, " says Vladimir Tyulin.

The miners held a race at a distance of 2.5 km, attended by about a thousand Ekibastuz residents, the oldest of them 70 years old, the youngest-10.

As Vladimir Tyulin notes, each region will hold a marathon in its own way. This can be basketball, football, or chess. The Turkestan region has already taken the baton.



By 2020, the capacity of the Shardara HPP in the Turkestan region will increase by 26%. As part of a large-scale modernization, the station plans to update 4 hydroelectric units, the first of them has already been launched. The new equipment will increase the volume of electricity generation.

Shardarinskaya HPP appeared in 1967, but since then there have been no global changes. 4 hydroelectric units that generate electricity at the station were put into operation half a century ago, although their standard service life is only 25 years. To correct the situation, a project was developed to modernize the hydroelectric power station.

Bakytbek Zhanabayev, Chairman of the HPP Board:

- The capacity of the Shardara hydroelectric power station is 100 megawatts. After the upgrade, the capacity will be increased to 126 megawatts. Shardarinskaya HPP has 4 hydroelectric units of 25 megawatts, and after modernization, each unit will generate 31.5 megawatts of electricity.

By the end of December, the station will launch a new hydroelectric unit, after which work will begin on installing the next one. Complete replacement of the old equipment will be completed in a year.

Sergey Sahovski, representative of the Contracting company: -

The second electric unit is in the process of main installation. The starter is mounted, and the router will be mounted in the near future. I think that in the next month and a half we will reach the finish line on the second unit.

The new equipment will increase the service life of the hydroelectric power plant to 40 years and reduce the accident rate. According to experts, the HPP is of great importance for providing electricity to the Turkestan region and improving the efficiency of water resources use in the region.

Authors: Raul Gabitov, Nurmakhan Musatov, Nurmakhan Bekmuratov