World Scientific and Engineering Congress will consider the Prospects for the development of global energy

The World Scientific and Engineering Congress will begin its work as part of EXPO 2017 on June 19th.

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The World Scientific and Engineering Congress will begin its work as part of EXPO 2017 on June 19th.    At this well regarded platform "Samruk-Energy" JSC holds the section “Future energy - Prospects for the Development of Global Energy" in the topical block "Balance of the energy trilemma: safety, accessibility and environmental sustainability”.

The World Scientific and Engineering Congress will be the most expected scientific event as part of the international exhibition ASTANA EXPO - 2017. The organizers expect the arrival of up to a thousand participants such as heads of leading scientific laboratories, researchers and world-known scientists.

Partners invited by Samruk-Energy include world-renowned professors of Stanford University, heads of companies developing innovative solutions for the future power industry, experts with a global reach from the USA, Great Britain and Russia. The list of guests promises a highly topical dialogue and exchange of opinions among experts in power industry.

It is expected that Friedrich Prinz, a scientist, professor of the Stanford University School of Engineering and Turgut Gura, professor of materials science, founder and director of the program for clean fuel technologies at Stanford University will speak in the section of the Congress "Future Energy - Prospects for the Development of Global Energy".

It may be noted that Tom Stepien, CEO of Primus Power, a promising California start-up project and Jonathan Cohen, a member of “Energy and Natural Resources” group of companies from the developers of innovative energy solutions are going to attend the event.

Elite of Russian scientists is represented by Anatoly Spitsyn vice president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, first vice president of International Investments Academy, Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies of Integration Problems of the Eurasian Economic Community. Oleg Protsenko, doctor of economics, professor, a full member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of economical sciences and entrepreneurship, International Management Academy, International Management Academy, International Academy of regional development and cooperation ( IARDC), International Academy of organizational sciences, Municipal Academy, honorable doctor of Barcelona University, member of expanded management board of MBA programs of Magdeburg and Bielefeld universities, chairman of the thesis board for doctor or candidate of economic sciences degree of National Economy Academy under the Government of Russian Federation,  as well as Lida Ivanitskaya, Oleg Kuznetsov, President  of International Nature, Society and Humankind University “Dubna”.  As well as Lida Ivanitskaya, first vice president – chief academic secretary of Russian Natural Sciences Academy.

Hosting such an event and concentration of progressive thought will provide and will give a significant synergetic effect in the disclosure, creative interpretation and practical implementation of the potential of EXPO-2017.


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