• We are always ready to provide support to each other;
  • We act transparently in order to build trustful relationships with our colleagues and partners;
  • We are ready for mentorship, knowledge retention and exchange of experience.

«Уәдеге беріктік»/ÝÁDEGE BERIKTIK/Reliability

  • We are responsible for uninterrupted and high-quality work;
  • We make responsible decisions to achieve environmental and ecological well-being for current and future generations;
  • We are responsible for widespread creation of safe, comfortable and competitive work environment;
  • We keep our promises and honor our commitments.

«Адалдық»/ADALDYQ/ Justice

  • We objectively evaluate any situation and ensure fair decision-making;
  • We apply equal requirements and render equal opportunities;
  • We value different perspectives and give an opportunity to speak up and be heard.

Тәжірибе/ТÁJIRIBE /Professionalism

  • We enjoy what we do and take accountability for achievement of assigned goals;
  • We are professionals, who strive for constant development and improvement;
  • We search for alternatives and apply most suited methods aimed at increase of efficiency.

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