“Mangyshlak Munay” LLP

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"Mangyshlak-Munay" LLP is the holder of subsoil use right to conduct gas exploration on Pridorozhnoe field in South Kazakhstan region in accordance with the Contract (registration No.2775 dated 29.08.2008) followed by signing of a contract for production.

The project provides for the development of a gas field to ensure the planned construction of combined cycle gas turbine unit with capacity of 175, 6 MW.

CCGT construction at Pridorozhnoe field is designed for efficient use of produced gas by electricity generation and improving the reliability of electricity supply to Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstani regions that experience power shortage.

Pridorozhnoe field is located in Sozak district of South Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan 210 km east of Kyzylorda city, at a distance of 190 km from Kumkol-Kyzylorda pipeline and 200 km from Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas pipeline.

The field was discovered in 1978. As a result of drilling and testing of 13 exploration wells, natural gas at a depth of 1100 m. and 2400 m in a volume of 16,5 bcm was discovered and confirmed by State Reserves Committee.

Fundamental legal act regulating the activity of "Mangyshlak-Munay" LLP is the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On subsoil and subsoil use" which establishes  basic principles of legal regulation of relations on subsoil use including exploration, the procedure for granting the right of subsoil use, competence of  Kazakhstan Government, functions of Competent authority and local executive bodies, subsurface use, environmental, public and staff safety requirements, records of status of state fund of subsurface resources.