Project title

  • Load transfer from 220/110/10 kV No.131A “Gorny Gigant” SS to 220/110/10 kV No.160A “Ermensay” SS through 110 kV grids followed by dismantling of SS 131A

Project description

  • Load transfer from 220 kV “Gorny Gigant” SS to 220 kV “Ermensay” SS followed by dismantling of 220 kV “Gorny Gigant” SS.


  • Emergency situation elimination on 220 kV "Gorny Gigant" SS occurred due to landslide phenomena and sag of soil

Implementation period

  • 2016-2018

Project cost

  • 7 045,84 mln.tenge

Technical solutions

  • Expansion of 110 kV gas-insulated switchgear of 220 kV "Ermensay" substation on 4 line fields
  • Load transfer from 220 kV "Gorny Gigant" SS to 220 kV "Ermensay" SS
  • Dismantling of 220 kV "Gorny Gigant" SS


  • Provision of reliable power supply to Almaty city consumers

Number of jobs

  • During construction – 81 persons

Current status

  • The project is ready