Project title

  • Transition to cyclic-continuous technology of mining, transportation, blending and loading of coal on “Bogatyr” mine

Project description

  • The project assumes a step-by-step transition of the "Bogatyr" section to the cyclic-flow technology of coal mining and delivery by conveyor transport to the averaging warehouses with subsequent loading on the surface complex. The need to implement the project is related to the achievement of the depth of mine workings, in which the use of rail transport becomes less effective.


  • Introduction of modern technologies for coal extraction and shipment, renewal of fixed assets and increase of production capacity of the Bogatyr mine.


  • 2013 – 2022

Project cost according to FS

  • 215,2 mln. USD

Technical solutions

  • Up-to-date technology of conveyor transport will be used in the project. Main equipment:
  • Main (KLM-01 KLM-02) and connecting (CLS-01 CLS-02) belt conveyors;
  • Main elevating conveyors (LPC-01, LPC-02) (used to transport coal to the level of + 165m);
  • blending and loading machine – drum-type reclaimer;
  • Elevating conveyors KLPP-01, KLPP-02 (used to transport coal from blending warehouse to loading points)


  • Increase the production capacity of the Bogatyr mine from 32 million to 40 million tons of coal per year.
  • Increase the productivity of the enterprise by 25%.
  • Reducing the production cost of mining 1 ton of coal by 12%.

Current status

  • Design documents are being developed.