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The project implementation goal:

Reducing the level of deterioration of power grids

Reconstruction, modernization, and new construction to increase the transformer capacity and cover the power shortage for new and existing consumers.

Reconstruction of power grids with the replacement of overloaded and expired cable grids that do not require the connection of new consumers, to increase the reliability of power supply and reduce technological disturbances.

The project description:

The total number of cable lines 10-6-0,4 kV in Almaty city is 4 424 km.

According to GOST, the service life of power cables is 30 years.

As of today, 2 478,76 km of 10-6-0,4 kV cable lines in Almaty or 56% of the total cable lines have been operating more than 30 years.

In general, 948 kilometers of cable lines in Almaty city have a service life of over 50 years.

The wear and tear of lines leads to an annual increase in the accident rate and to frequent power outages, which results in an undersupply of electricity, additional costs for emergency recovery works. The main causes of damage are: deterioration of insulation, leakage, corrosive wear of the cable sheath.

As part of the implementation of this project, it is planned to perform activities on the reconstruction of 10-6-0.4 kV cable networks for 91 600 000 thous. tenge, excluding VAT, with a total volume of grids reconstruction of about 933 km.

Implementation period: 2022-2030.

Operation: 2024-2030

Planned activities:

Engineering and construction and installation works in stages 2023-2030