Samruk-Green Energy — developing green energy


The President's message "Strategy" Kazakhstan - 2050": a new policy of the successful state" and "Nurly Zhol - Path to the Future" determined clear guidance for the country's transition to a "green" development path and low-carbon economy

Samruk-Green Energy — developing green energy

The President's message "Strategy" Kazakhstan - 2050": a new policy of the successful state" and "Nurly Zhol - Path to the Future" determined clear guidance for the country's transition to a "green" development path and low-carbon economy.

Director General of “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP Zhomart Mominbayev noted that the company successfully develops production and research directions. In 2015, experimental and research laboratory research of RES was established on the base of 2 MW SPP. Photovoltaic modules of different types (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, film, etc.) are tested here.  In 2015, photovoltaic modules produced by “Astana-Solar” LLP with capacity of 3.68 kW were tested at 2 MW WPP.  Construction of 50 MW solar power  "Solar Park" project with possible expansion to 100 MW in the area of ​​Kapshagay city is being worked out in detail.

Vladimir Izmailov, the head of 2 MW solar power plant in Kapshagay city of “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP said that at present “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP promotes solar energy through active collaboration with technical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as Almaty University of Energy and Communications (hereinafter - AUEC) and KBTU. In May 2016 “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP signed a memorandum of cooperation with AUEC under which organizations jointly participate in the contest of the Science Committee of the RK MES for grant financing of research and innovation, science and technical projects for 2017-2019.

Almaz Saukhimov, Deputy Dean of Power Department at AUEC said that the main aim of cooperation is development of research and innovation activity, as well as training of research staff for development of power generation sector based on renewable energy sources use. The most relevant topics of projects have been selected during the joint work, namely:

  1. "Reduction of electricity losses in distribution grids using renewable energy sources";
  2. "A systematic approach to the management of power flow in  220-110 kV power grids of  “KEGOC” JSC and “Alatau Zharyk Company" JSC taking into account the integration of renewable energy sources";
  3. "Development of the power supply system for remote locations based on MicroGrid principle”;
  4. "Development of methodology and creation of hardware and software tools for forecasting electricity generation  by 2 MW SPP in Kapshagay city";
  5. "Development of energy-efficient hybrid system of power supply to production facilities of solar power plant”

“Samruk-Green Energy” LLP was established in 2012 to implement the RES  projects, a 100% subsidiary of “Samruk-Energy” JSC. 2 MW Solar Power Plant (SPP) in Kapshagay city built in 2013 by “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP is one of the first solar energy projects that was implemented on an industrial scale. Since the beginning of 2016 the output has reached 2.2 million kWh of electricity, which prevented the emission of about 4 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.  Since the beginning of operation (2014), the production of green electricity at Kapshagay SPP has increased 4 times and exceeded 6,6 mln. kWh.

From March 2016 electricity storage technology (EnergyCell) has been tested at the company’s base on an industrial scale. EnergyCell technology manufactured by Primus Power* (Californian start-up) represents an innovative solution for the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid and increase of power supply reliability. The practical application of the technology on accumulating electricity from renewable energy sources  is another step towards implementation of “Samruk-Energy” JSC strategy which is a leader in green electricity production in Kazakhstan.

Primus Power* - Californian start-up that produces long-term power storage systems based on flow batteries. It is a leader in the field of grid energy storage technology. The equipment of the company produced under the brand EnergyPod® represents 25 innovative patents in chemistry, molecular techniques and design of electrical systems.


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