Project title

  • Reconstruction and expansion of CHP-2 in Almaty. III stage. Boiler unit of plant No.8

Description of the project

  • Construction of steam boiler No.8


  • Coverage of growing heat loads across Almaty city heating areas.
  • Provision of heat to “Universiade-2017", Industrial zone and residential construction under "Affordable Housing - 2020" program facilities

Implementation period

  • 2011-2016

Project cost

  • 25 381,9 mln.KZT

Technical solutions

  • Steam boiler E-420-13,8-560 KT (PK-100) manufactured by "Podolsky Machine-Building Plant “ZiO” (Podolsk c.) with steam generating capacity of 420 t / h. Parameters of the boiler downstream steam: pressure -13.8 MPa, temperature - 560 ° C. Fuel - Ekibastuz coal.


  • An increase in the installed thermal capacity of Almaty CHP-2 from 1176 Gcal/ h to 1414 Gcal / h
  • Production of additional electricity in the amount of 449 million kWh/ year

Number of jobs

  • During construction – 600 persons
  • During operation – 10 persons

Current status

  • 21st of September 2016 the boiler #8 launching ceremony with participation of akim of Almaty city was held.