Project title

  • Reconstruction and modernization of Aktobe CHP

Project description:

  • Replacement of steam turbine №3 with increase in capacity from 14 MW to 30 MW


  • Increase in rated capacity to cover the power deficit in Aktobe region

Implementation period:

  • 2010-2016

Project cost

  • 3 468,1 mln.KZT

Technical solutions

  • Steam turbine PT-30 / 40-3,0 / 1,0 manufactured by "Ural power plant engineering factory" (Yekaterinburg), single-shaft, single cylinder with one adjustable heating and with one adjustable  process steam extraction  with capacity of 30 MW and the rotor speed of 3000 rpm. The turbine inlet steam parameters: pressure 3.0 MPa, temperature - 410 ° C, flow rate - 270 t / h.


  • Additional electricity generation of 240 million kWh/year
  • Increase in the rated capacity of the CHP up to 118 MW

Current status

  • On the eve of the national holiday, the day of the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution, a new turbine unit was commissioned at Aktobe CHP. The project implementation has increased the installed capacity of the plant from 88 to 118 MW and provides an additional power generation in the volume of 240 mln. kWh per year.