Project title

  • Reconstruction of Ekibastuz GRES-1 (rehabilitation of power unit No.1)

Project description

  • Recovery of 500 MW power unit No.1 of Ekibastuz GRES-1 including installation of an electrostatic precipitator


  • Satisfying the demand for electricity in Kazakhstan
  • Increase of export potential
  • Improvement of the reliability of the electricity supply to the Republic of Kazakhstan consumers
  • Compliance with environmental standards

Implementation period

  • 2012-2021

Project cost

  • 91 040,3 mln.KZT

Technical solutions

  • Steam Boiler P-57-3P (Pp-1650-25-545KT) manufactured by "Podolsky Machine-Building Plant “ZiO” (Podolsk city) of T-shaped layout with steam generating capacity of 1650 t/h. Downstream steam parameters of boiler: pressure 25 MPa, temperature 545 ° C. Fuel - Ekibastuz coal.
  • Steam turbine K-500-240 manufactured by "Turboatom" JSC (Kharkov c.), condensing without adjustable steam extraction with one reheat, rated capacity of 500 MW, rotor speed 3000 rpm.
  • Generator TVV-500-2UZ manufactured by "Electrotyazhmash"plant” (Kharkov c.) with rated capacity of 525 MW and a rated voltage of 20 kV.


  • Production of 3,4 bln.kWh of electricity per year

Number of jobs

  • During construction – 450-500 persons
  • During operation –  54 persons

Current status

  • Main equipment (boiler, turbine, and generator) has been delivered in full. Dismantling and assembly operations are carried out.