Project title

  • Expansion and reconstruction of Ekibastuz GRES-2 with installation of power unit No.3

Project description

  • Construction of power unit No.3 to increase the installed capacity of the power plant by 636 MW


  • To address needs of Kazakhstan in electricity and electric capacity, increase the country’s export potential

Implementation period

  • 2010 – 2024

Project cost

  • 437 950 mln.KZT

Technical solutions

  • Steam boiler HG-1900 / 25.4-YM manufactured by Harbin factory (PRC), single flow, supercritical, tower-type arrangement, steam generating capacity -1900 t/h. Downstream steam parameters of boiler: pressure -25.4 MPa, temperature - 571 ° C. Fuel - Ekibastuz coal.
  • Steam turbine CLN600-24.2 / 566/566 manufactured by Harbin factory (PRC), condensing with uncontrolled steam extraction, single reheat, rated capacity of 636 MW with a rotor speed of 3000 rpm.
  • Generator QFSN3-2 manufactured by Harbin factory (PRC), a three-phase synchronous with direct hydrogen cooling of rotor windings, rated capacity 636 MW, rotor speed - 3000 rpm.


  • Annual electricity production of 4,8 bln. kWh

Number of jobs

  • During construction – 1 486 persons
  • During operation –  358 persons